Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is grounded in financial academic science. Key breakthroughs that guide our investment decisions include the central tenets of Modern Portfolio Theory and evolving research from leading institutional and academic studies. Thus, our recommendations are not based on opinions, speculation, sentiments, popular trends, or attempts to outsmart or beat the market.

We recognize that financial science is not law. Past performance offers only a limited meaningful indication about what the future will actually hold. There is no guarantee of if, how, or when financial histories may repeat. We also acknowledge the predictive limitations of economic forecasts. Even perfect economic foresight can translate into disappointing investment performance.

Consistent with these perspectives, we do not make claims to possessing proprietary information or exclusive insight. Rather than attempting to time markets, exploit anomalies, select individual positions, etc. (collectively, "Active Management"), our goal is to capture market returns and enhance these returns through methodical portfolio construction and a rigorous discipline to a well-designed plan. We believe active management, in contrast, is largely counterproductive.

Rather than relying on prediction, we focus on elements of an academically based, prudent investment strategy, which we believe to be the winning strategy: capturing global market returns across multiple asset classes, cost-efficiently and properly managing for risk, taxes, and other critical focal points. Our philosophical core, in conjunction with our deep understanding of sound investment principles, attention to cross-functional planning opportunities, and properly aligned business interests, provide an ideal foundation for a valued, long-term relationship with our clients.


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